New borns and Noel!

As 1st time parents I was always expecting and prepared for the onslaught of unwanted advice from everyone that we encountered about every aspect of our parenting choices. Breastfed or bottle? Soothe or cry out? Routine or Baby led? It was something that we realised people would do from the moment we announced the pregnancy. It will depend on how I feel on the day, and who is giving the advice as to how it is received. I am learning to be very diplomatic and have realised early on in the parenthood that sometimes it’s best to smile, thank the well wisher for their advice and walk on without doing anything.

However there has been one subject that I was unprepared for, one that when it first came up I thought the answer was obvious but the more advice I receive the more my resolve seems to wain and I am finding myself questioning my own principles.

So time again to put virtual pen to virtual paper and see what the general consensus is here:

Do I buy presents for Baby’s 1st Christmas?

I was pretty clear on this, I thought I was anyway. He will be 8 weeks old when Santa finally pops down our chimney and will have no idea what is going on so it’s unnecessary.

But when I have mentioned this view to people the look of horror in their faces is unmissable, you would think I had told them that I was having him adopted!

I do want to point out that I am no Scrooge, I love Christmas, I admit to not being religious but I love the time off and the opportunity to have your nearest and dearest around you and as it’s babies 1st I want to make it special for everyone but do I need to buy presents for him to make that happen?

I am sure he will be spoilt rotten by grandparents, they didn’t think they were ever going to see us have a child so now we have its open season so should we be adding to the mountain of wasted toys?

So my question to the more experienced parents out there is what did you do?

Should I be ‘splashing the cash’ just to spoil him rotten or am I right to save it until he appreciates it? Will I regret it after Christmas if I don’t go all out now?

Look forward to any feedback people wan to give.


5 thoughts on “New borns and Noel!

  1. Absolutely don’t worry about it. All of mine survived unscathed their first Christmas without gifts from me, even the child who was 8 mths old.

  2. I think a little something from Santa would be nice, maybe something practical, activity gym or bouncy chair would be nice, and you must get a babys first Christmas stocking! But that’s just me, I think it would be nice lo mark the occasion, (and don’t forget the obligatory little Santa suit!)

    By the way, not sure if you realise I am the person who was tweeting with you earlier, @MeganBenmummy. Just so you know I am one and the same!

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